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Danayit or Danishoo as we love to call her was discovered on Instagram. She was a popular self-made sensation with a huge fan base. When Kana TV approached her to be the host of #time on Kana TV, she took the challenge and shook the city. Danayit’s super charismatic and jovial personality has garnered her a huge fan base on-air and online. Danayit Mekbib was born in Ethiopia. In a town called Adigrat in the Northern Tigray region. She grew up Addis Ababa and took some textile designing courses at Bahirdar university. Later on, she continued her education, graduating in marketing management from Unity University. She loves trying new things and is a fashion aficionado. Read More...
Melat Belayneh is a young female born and raised in Ethiopia, and is the middle child in a family of five. She took note of her weak math skills and decided to study Law but little did she know it entailed too much reading which she got used to by the fourth year. Relying so much on her ability to endure such a weirdly enjoyable journey towards an uncertain future she decided to join Grad school to earn her Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law. After 4 years, a UN Program Specialist post and a wake-up call later, she started pursuing her career as a Marketing Lead in companies like Diageo and Alle Establishment in Ethiopia. It was only at Cactus Advertising and handling Unilever accounts that she discovered her true passion for advertising and media planning. Quietly notorious, she now works as a free lance consultant on brands and designs communications strategies, blogs, social media management and PR work for different companies. Read More...
FanoTube is The Best Ethiopian media and entertainment. It is one of the best sites in Ethiopia, We provide Ethiopians with multidimensional access to the entertainment and information that matters to you. FanoTube is a non-political source for videos of Ethiopian news, dramas, and music. The news, dramas, and entertainment presented on FanoTube come from a wide variety of sources. Fano Tube has particularly proven its value when it comes to keeping the worldwide Ethiopian Diaspora connected to their home country. In many parts of the world Ethiopians do not have direct access to Ethiopian news and entertainment, therefore, FanoTube becomes their primary source for these. For this reason FanoTube is The Best Ethiopian websites on the internet. Read More...