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Yigbagn Part 24 | Kana TV Drama

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Here is best Drama Yigbagn (ይግባኝ) / Episode / Part 24 dubbed to Amharic for Ethiopian's by Kana TV. You can watch all the Episodes of Yigbagn here on FanoTube for Free. FanoTube is the right place to watch all Kana TV Catch up Videos,

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In Kana we trust! Burst onto the scene only about a year ago, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kana TV has dominated the Ethiopian TV market. The introduction of Kana TV with its carefully selected foreign shows that are translated into Amharic to appeal for mass viewership has been an astute strategy for a country that had essentially no local content worthy of a regular audience. With the exception of few series shows that were popular for a couple of years on the country’s state-controlled TV, there has literally been no creativity good enough to cause a serious commercial stir like the one Kana has been able to achieve. To their credit, it is reported that Kana had done a significant legwork to do meaningful research in several households, about a million some say, to position the right product upon the launch of the channel and beyond. Needless to say that Kana and its collection of shows that are gathered up from across the world and translated and dubbed in Amharic have captured the hearts and soul of Ethiopians of all ages and walks of life. The success of Kana’s strategy is so obvious that advertisers have been flocking to it non-stop even though it has a high ad rate. If the story that Kana has captured 16% of the TV viewership market share in less than a year is credible, Kana may seriously be poised to give the other channels a run for their money.

Drama Yigbagn

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